50 Years of Family

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Celebrating 50 Years of Family

A celebration of AVANCE would only be complete with honoring the families who have placed their trust in us and allowed us to walk alongside them on their journeys. Our families are the driving force behind our mission, and their stories illustrate the profound impact of AVANCE on countless lives since 1973. Here you can read the inspirational stories of families who have graduated from our Parent-Child Education Program (PCEP) over the past 50 years.

The Garza Family

Irene Garza began her journey with AVANCE in 2022 when she was 37 and her youngest son was two. She enrolled in PCEP expecting to improve her parenting skills but found so much more.

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Jacquelyn Perez

At 19, Jacquelyn Perez became a mother after dropping out of high school and leaving home. A friend invited her to attend PCEP, and Jacquelyn, already familiar with AVANCE, didn’t hesitate.

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The Escobar Family

In 2016, Azalia Escobar attended a class she found online, but she could tell immediately that it wasn’t what she was looking for. She spoke with the teacher, who directed her to AVANCE and PCEP.

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Edna Alfaro Ramblas

In 2016, Edna Alfaro was waiting for her daughter Megan at her elementary school when she was approached by AVANCE teachers with information about PCEP.

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The Chapa Family

In 1990, Georgette Chapa was a 20-year-old stay-at-home mom with a young son when her sister-in-law, an AVANCE Home Visitor, invited her to attend PCEP.

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The Cabrera Family

In 2022, Hugo Cabrera and Isabel Rodriguez were at their older sons’ school when they received a pamphlet for PCEP. They enrolled, hoping what they learned would benefit all three of their children.

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The DeHoyos Family

Elizabeth DeHoyos didn’t answer her door the first time AVANCE knocked, but she eventually visited the AVANCE center, and she immediately felt a sense of belonging.

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The Meza Family

In 2003, Maria Meza was at the library when she came across AVANCE representatives registering families for PCEP. After speaking with the recruiters, she signed up.

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The Espinoza Family

While checking the mail one day in 2000, Fátima de Lourdes Espinoza noticed a piece of paper in her garden. It was a flyer for PCEP.

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