The AVANCE Way is a distinctive strengths-based approach to working with families that centers on meeting families where they are and building on their strengths to foster community, trust, and learning. We employ specific strategies based on the unique needs of families and children, introducing them to resources and opportunities in the community to meet their specific needs, and ensuring that racial equity is embedded in our systemic approach.

Meeting People Where They Are

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We utilize a strengths-based approach when working with children, parents, providers, and staff.

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We recognize that all individuals have unique needs and we design individualized programs/trainings
to meet those needs.

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We recruit in the community – going to where the people are rather than expecting them to come to us.

Addressing Root Causes of Inequities

We acknowledge the systemic inequities that our families, children, and staff face and work every day to remove barriers to access and opportunities to further their education and economic mobility.

We bring community resources to our families and staff.

We teach, support, and encourage our parents and staff to advocate for themselves and their families.

Providing Culturally Responsive Programming

We recognize and celebrate the cultural diversity of our participants and our staff.

We provide culturally responsive programming that is offered in the native language of participants.

We foster a diverse working environment that acknowledges and celebrates differences.

We ensure that our staff reflects the cultural, linguistic, and lived experiences of the families, children, and providers we serve.

Empowering All Individuals
to be Leaders

We recognize that our parents are leaders of their households.

We encourage parents and staff to be leaders in their communities.

We act as a catalyst for families, children, and staff to build confidence, strength, and self-sufficiency.

We offer opportunities to build leadership -- 46% of our staff are alumni of our programs.