Shared Services Alliance

Shared Services Alliance

Have you recently participated in or graduated from AVANCE’s Business Coaching or the Quality Child Care Matters program? Are you operating your own In-Home Family Child Care business licensed or registered in Texas?

  • Interested in saving time and money – and earning more money?
  • Do you want to learn best practices alongside other In-Home Child Care Educators in your area?

Join the AVANCE Shared Services Alliance, specifically tailored for In-Home Child Care Educators!

What is the AVANCE Shared Services Alliance?

The AVANCE Shared Services Alliance is a community of in-home child care educators that benefits from shared learning, access to business and other experts, and free resources that include a child care management system, curriculum, marketing materials, and/or other goods required to run a strong business. Our goal for you is centered around keeping your business on track through using the Iron Triangle!


Some strategies to reach the goals of the Iron Triangle include: 

  • Reducing costs 
  • Saving time 
  • Automating enrollment and fee collection 
  • Maintaining full enrollment 

No cost to you, at all!

We dedicated time to listen to in-home child care educators; and we heard what would help most to ensure that those operating in-home child care, thrive in their businesses.

Together is better! Our goal for your child care business is to:

Increase financial sustainability (increase and maintain income)

Reduce administrative costs and time on tasks

Increase access to business expertise (e.g., grow business strategies to save time, save money, and increase income)

Increase quality through the access to high quality trainings and program planning support

Provide free access to a child care management system and curriculum

Members of the Shared Services Alliance can expect:

Personalized professional support

Business Skills

Developing business acumen allows child care providers to make informed decisions, manage resources effectively, and ensure the long-term business sustainability. By learning key concepts such as financial management, marketing strategies, and operational efficiency, child care professionals can enhance the quality of care while also maximizing your impact on the community.

Tailored Technology Assistance from a Digital Literacy Coach

Our qualified team members will meet you where you are to provide individualized support based on your specific needs,  from basic computer support (ex. how to use a laptop for your business, how to use office applications for your child care, how to set up a web site or business social media page, etc.) to advanced skills related to using technology for your child care business. 

Professional Development

Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to earn FREE TECPDS hours and enhance your professional development.

Advisory Board

A peer support group to share your expertise and learn from others (e.g., strategies to meet common challenges and fun activities to help children learn)

Get Involved!

Ready to join?

Fill out our Interest Form here, and someone from the AVANCE Shared Services Alliance will contact you.


For more information, feel free to contact our team:
Jocelynn Bryant-Rojas, Director of Provider Services,