Zapata County

Zapata County

This mostly rural area lies along the Texas-Mexico border in South Texas. In Zapata County, AVANCE operates center-based Head Start and Early Head Start programs and provides the Parent-Child Education Program to enrolled families. A partnership with Zapata County Independent School District helps AVANCE reach even more local families.

Meeting People Where They Are

Early Head Start

Early learning, health and family well-being services are provided for income eligible infants and toddlers, 6 weeks to age three in licensed child development facilities. Services to pregnant mothers and families, including prenatal support and follow-up, are provided in the family's home through weekly home visits. 

Head Start

Comprehensive early learning, health and family well-being services are provided to income eligible children ages 3-5 in licensed child development facilities. Center-based services are provided full day, full year Monday-Friday .

Parent Child Education Program (PCEP)

PCEP is AVANCE’s core foundational program that teaches parents how to become their child’s first teacher. Families enrolled with AVANCE Head Start/Early Head Start are eligible to take part in parenting curriculum which includes developmentally appropriate activities that build on in-home instruction.  Learn more about PCEP here.

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Center Locations

708 Delmar St

Zapata, TX 78076

307 Lincoln Ave

San Ygnacio, TX 78067

500 Delmar St

Zapata, TX 78076

805 Mira Flores Ave

Zapata, TX 78076

What people say about us

My name is Connie Garcilazo, I am a parent at Dora O. Martinez Early Childhood Center and at Villarreal ISD.  When my son started with AVANCE he was doing virtual and he would enjoy spending those minutes sharing with his friends.  Then I found out I was pregnant and the AVANCE team encouraged me to join the maternal program.  I began the program when I was 25 weeks, I would get together with the maternal educator once a week for home visit and once a month for socialization.  Then after giving birth I was able to bond with my child for the first six weeks, and the maternal educator informed me that my child could start attending the center. I was hesitant, but she showed me a video of the classroom setting and routines they have in place. I am very happy and satisfied with the program, they have assisted me in caring for and educating my children while I continue working and providing for my family. 

Connie Garcilazo
AVANCE Parent,
HS/EHS-Zapata County

My name is Celia Carbajal, I was a parent at Dora O. Martinez Early Childhood Center. My child transitioned to the Head Start program and now I’m a parent at Villarreal ISD.  I am also a Parent Council member with AVANCE. I am super happy with the program because it has helped my little girl so much. The EHS program has taught her to be so independent, learn her numbers, colors, songs and much more. The HS program was able to organize a transition day for my child and myself to go in the classroom and meet the teacher. This transition really helped me feel comfortable, and I was able to get a tour of the new environment for my little girl. AVANCE helps the families and worries for them as well.

Celia Carbajal
AVANCE Parent,
HS/EHS-Zapata County

Contact Information

708 Delmar St., Zapata, TX 78076

(956) 476-4051