Parent-Child Education Program (PCEP)


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Parents are their children's first teachers;
The home is the first classroom.

Since 1973, the Parent-Child Education Program (PCEP) has been the core of AVANCE programming, built around our belief that parents are their children’s first teachers and that the home is the child’s first classroom. The AVANCE PCEP is an evidence-based and culturally responsive two-generation program that supports Latino families with young children on their educational journey toward economic mobility.


Why License PCEP?


increase in Latino births over the past ten years


of the K-12 public school population will be Latino students by 2027


of Texas students at risk of dropping out are Latino students

Early childhood is a crucial time for a child's development, laying the groundwork for future success. To best serve our diverse and growing Latino communities, early education programs should embrace the importance of language and tradition to children’s development, but many still lack bilingual resources and cultural sensitivity.


The AVANCE PCEP provides a comprehensive and culturally responsive solution. Licensing PCEP allows you to engage caregivers and children simultaneously, fostering lifelong learning and empowering families to thrive.


How it works

The AVANCE PCEP is a 9-month program that combines weekly sessions for caregivers–including parents, extended family, and foster families–and their children with monthly home visits. Our two-generation model integrates parenting education, early childhood development, and community engagement to ensure comprehensive support for families. In addition to the core components of our two-generation model, lessons and resources can be incorporated into PCEP to meet your community's unique needs.

Parents & Caregivers

Parenting Education

Toy Making Classes

Community Engagement


Early Childhood Education


Home Visits

Proven Impact

Our evidence-based PCEP delivers measurable results, empowering caregivers, nurturing early childhood development, and strengthening communities. This past year, the AVANCE PCEP reached more than 2,200 caregivers and children.


Demonstrated an increase in positive parent-child interactions


Demonstrated an increase in knowledge of their child’s development and school readiness


Demonstrated an increase in social connectedness


Demonstrated an increase in parent empowerment


Children who participate in PCEP with their caregivers are 12X more likely to pass their kindergarten readiness assessments.

Over the last 50 years, PCEP has reached more than 188,000 caregivers and children across the United States.

Learn more about PCEP’s impact in our annual outcomes report and on our Impact page.

Our Unique Approach

PCEP is built around the AVANCE Way, our distinctive strengths-based approach that centers on meeting families where they are and building on their strengths to foster community, trust, and learning.

Meeting People Where They Are

Addressing Root Causes of Inequities

Providing Culturally Responsive Programming

Empowering All Individuals to be Leaders


AVANCE Support for Partners

Partnering with AVANCE to bring PCEP to your community means you’ll have support every step of the way.

Comprehensive Training

Recruitment Support Available

Ongoing Coaching and Technical Assistance

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation Support

To me, it was a blessing because it was exactly what I needed. I had some ideas, but AVANCE provided the perfect tools to develop them. They helped me, helped my son… AVANCE puts you in the right place.

-Fabiola Loya

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