Licensing Inquiries

Licensing Inquiries

Bring AVANCE to your community!

We would like to help you create pathways to economic mobility for families and family child care providers in your community. Through culturally-responsive, two-generation programming and our unique approach, AVANCE ensures school readiness for children and opportunities for parents and providers to build economic and social capital.


By partnering with AVANCE as a licensee, you’ll have access to our evidence-based programming that has been linked to a number of positive outcomes for parents and children. You can see the full scope in our Impact.


Our expert team will work closely with you to help determine the best program model for your community. AVANCE provides extensive training and technical assistance for a successful implementation, and our ongoing support ensures that your program and participants thrive. We also provide tools and training for monitoring to help you improve the quality of your program and evaluate your impact.

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about becoming a licensee and how partnering with AVANCE can benefit the families and family child care providers in your community.