The Vasquez Family

The Vasquez Family

During the COVID pandemic in 2020, Bileyka Vasquez learned about AVANCE when PCEP classes had moved online. As her husband and older son Liam adapted to remote work and virtual schooling, her younger son Nolan noticed and asked to be in Zoom sessions like his father and brother. While searching for online classes for Nolan, Bileyka came across an ad for virtual PCEP and registered.

When Bileyka entered PCEP, she was solely dedicated to her children, her husband, and her home, without giving much care or importance to herself. The program empowered her to believe in herself more, build her self-confidence, and trust in her decision-making. She learned how to help her family eat healthier and manage her time better so that she had more quality time to spend with her husband and children. She set personal goals, knowing she was able to achieve them. What Bileyka thought would be a small school for her young son became much more.

Among Bileyka’s memories of PCEP is her son singing the AVANCE songs that helped him learn English and Spanish. She still finds joy in hearing Nolan speak Spanish. And even though they graduated in 2021, Nolan continues to sing the songs and even taught them to Liam, who enjoys singing them together.

Today, at five years old, Nolan is a bright, sweet kid who looks up to his older brother. Like others his age, he loves reading and enjoys hiking and riding bikes and scooters. Though he seems shy, he is observant and inquisitive. At school, Nolan is attentive and loves learning. In fact, he is given advanced classwork because he is academically so far ahead of his classmates. Despite his young age, Nolan also already aspires for the future, hoping to one day become a police officer or a scientist.

Bileyka has always devoted herself to ensuring her children excel academically, and that foundation is evident. But with the knowledge and tools she gained through PCEP, Bileyka is now more prepared, secure, and confident in her ability to guide herself and her family toward success.

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