The Sánchez Family

The Sánchez Family

When Amparo Galindo Sánchez contacted her local elementary school to inquire about preschool for her three-year-old daughter Mariana, they called her back with information about a program Marianna could attend before she entered preschool. Amparo wanted to be the best mother for Mariana and help her succeed in school, so after learning more about PCEP, she enrolled without hesitation.

However, Marianna’s attachment to Amparo made for a rough start. Marianna cried often, and as a first-time mother, Amparo was unsure how to help. The program was new to Amparo, and not knowing the teachers, she was afraid to leave her daughter. But the AVANCE team comforted and reassured Amparo, and Mariana slowly eased her attachment and became more independent. No longer fearful for her daughter, Amparo wholeheartedly embraced her parenting classes and still remembers her PCEP lessons.

The program also helped Amparo develop self-confidence, empowering her to become stronger and more independent. In PCEP, she found a community of mothers that created a safe space to talk about their goals and everyday problems, share stories of their families, and offer each other support. They encouraged Amparo as she attended ESL and high school classes. Later, Amparo was hired at AVANCE as a Cook. But her passion was working with children, so she pursued a CDA credential and recently transitioned into a teaching role.

Following PCEP, Amparo had three more children and went through the program with each of them to set them on the right path. Today, Mariana is 26 and independent. She graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with her Bachelor’s in International Relations and is building a successful career. She is also preparing to return to school to pursue a Master’s degree. Sofia, Amparo’s second child, is now 21 and a year from graduating with her Bachelor’s in Psychology. Though her two sons are younger, they also thrive like their sisters.

Amparo is proud of her children and grateful that she has been able to help them shine. Reflecting on their success, she fondly recalls one of her grandfather’s sayings, “The greatest inheritance one can give to their children is an education.”

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