Noemí Patiño

Noemí Patiño

Noemí Patiño, a former nurse from Mexico, faced a different reality after moving to the United States and getting married. She struggled with a difficult pregnancy and spent the last four months in the hospital. Following her daughter Hannany’s birth, Noemí found herself slipping into depression. But then, a friend suggested she attend PCEP and wanting to get out of the house, Noemí enrolled.

Through PCEP, Noemí gained tools to improve her parenting skills and received support and encouragement for her personal growth. Gradually, she began to believe in herself again. Her self-esteem improved, and she overcame her doubt and fear. After completing PCEP in 2015, Noemí attended the AVANCE Leadership Academy, then volunteered with the Promotoras program.

During PCEP, Noemí’s Parent Educator emphasized the importance of always preparing and learning because new opportunities arise unexpectedly. Inspired, Noemí seized an opportunity to join the AVANCE team. She began as a Child Development Teacher, became a Supervisor, and now serves as an ECE Coordinator. Despite holding a degree from Mexico, Noemí returned to school and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Education. Throughout this journey, Noemí’s husband has remained an unwavering source of support as they continue to dream and striv e together for their daughter’s future.

Beginning PCEP at just seven months old, Hannany was very attached to her mother. But as she grew, Noemí saw a remarkable improvement in her daughter’s social-emotional skills. The program also sparked a lasting love for reading in Hannany.

Now nine years old, Hannany is a kind, respectful, hardworking fourth-grader who aspires to be a pediatrician. She loves math and science, and although art is her least favorite subject, she impressively won first place in an art competition to represent her school. She has also been active in sports since the age of three, winning numerous medals in ice skating competitions and trophies as a member of her school soccer team. One of the invaluable lessons Noemí taught Hannany was always to give her best. Eventually, she would see her hard work pay off. Today, Hannany excels in all of her endeavors.

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