The López Family

The López Family

Like any working parent, Agustina López was always busy. Even with a hectic schedule, she still wanted to nurture her daughters’ growth and development, but her search for resources returned nothing. Then one day, she received a phone call from AVANCE. Agustina enrolled after hearing details about PCEP, hoping it would benefit her two-year-old daughter Rose.

When Agustina began PCEP, she only expected to learn how to help her children, so she was surprised the program was also about bettering herself for her children. She was especially moved to learn that she had been living under a “generational curse,” which sounds ominous but refers to parents raising their children based on how they were raised and their parents before them. Through lessons and other parents’ stories, Agustina better understood the difference between her upbringing and how she wanted to raise her children. Growing up, Agustina’s parents didn’t communicate, show affection, or create bonding moments with her and her siblings. She knew she had to change that.

Agustina is now more empathetic and affectionate toward her daughters, showing love and giving praise. She is better prepared to reassure and push them to reach their potential. What Agustina learned is also reflected in her children and their willingness to learn and adapt to her support and love.

Today, Agustina’s daughter Rose is three and prepared to enter Pre-K3, largely thanks to her growth during PCEP. She picked up Spanish, improved her social skills, and learned about healthy eating habits. But one of her proudest moments came right before she graduated from PCEP. For months, Agustina had done all she could to potty train her daughter. Despite all her efforts, Rose stubbornly refused to give in, hating the idea of not having her diaper. Then suddenly, a week before their final PCEP class, without prompting, Rose told her mother that she needed to use the toilet like a big girl because her teacher told her to. And just like that, everything changed, much to Agustina’s joy.

With the knowledge and tools gained through PCEP, Agustina has broken her “generational curse” and is building a brighter future for her family.

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