Mrs. Cecilia Guajardo

Hello, my name is Cecilia Guajardo and I want to thank the AVANCE program because it has had a great impact on my life. From the first class, I realized that whatever age we are it is important to continue learning about the education of our children because they evolve as time pass and as a parent we can’t be left behind in terms of education and care of our little ones. I have taken the parenting course twice, and on both occasions, I have learned something different because the people who give the course are very well prepared and updated and give excellent guide and advice for each situation that arises. For my part, I try to do my bit of promoting the AVANCE program with my social circle so that this great work they do with the community does not end. My children have grown happier because I help them as much as I can for them to develop their ability in school, and I realize that by seeing their good grades and the praise of the teachers. Thank you AVANCE for coming into my life for a good change! 

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