The Rendon Family

The Rendon Family

Karla Rendon was two years old when her family moved from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, to the West Side of San Antonio. At the time, her parents, Alma and Carlos Rendon, didn’t speak English, and because they were new to the area, they didn’t know many people yet. They struggled to find work and to balance their jobs with caring for their daughter. Then one day, while dropping Karla off at school, Alma overhead other parents talking about AVANCE. After learning more, she and her husband enrolled in PCEP.

In PCEP, Alma and Carlos received support and gained the tools to build a solid foundation for their children. Even though she was young then, Karla still recalls the relief on her mother’s face knowing that support was available when times were tough and that her family had access to resources they otherwise couldn’t afford, including the afterschool programs and summer camps that Karla and her brother attended. Her parents’ experiences shifted their perspective as they no longer felt isolated or afraid to ask for help. And with support through AVANCE, Alma and Carlos secured jobs in a local school district that they nurtured into careers.

Applying what they had learned, Karla’s parents were able to guide her and her younger brother on the path to a bright future. Karla and her brother learned English early, growing up bilingual and excelling academically. Now, they both hold Master’s degrees and have successful careers.

After earning her Master of Business Administration degree, Karla built a career in product management. She also pursued her passion for music and entertainment, launching her own business and establishing herself as DJ Kick It. As a thriving creative entrepreneur, she was nominated for the 2023 Austin Business Woman of the Year Award and even received a Proclamation from the City of Austin declaring May 17th as DJ KICKIT Day.

While Karla is reaching new heights on her personal journey, she continues to dedicate time to volunteer and give back to the community. She also doesn’t pass up opportunities to reflect on and share her experiences, knowing her story may help or inspire others.

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