The Krout Family

The Krout Family

One day in 2008, Lucy Krout was shopping with her four-year-old daughter and infant son when they stumbled across a children’s event at South Park Mall. As they walked around, a representative from AVANCE handed Lucy a flyer for PCEP. Curious, she registered for the program, thinking it might benefit her baby, Darrin Jr.

Lucy quickly realized that the program was also for her growth as a parent and individual. Soon, she was looking forward to Mondays, eager to attend classes. For Lucy, one of the most impactful lessons was learning how to get down to her children’s level to effectively communicate with them, something she previously struggled to do with her daughter.

When Lucy began PCEP, she was a stay-at-home mom. She didn’t have a high school diploma, and she doubted her English proficiency. But, through AVANCE, she got her GED and took ESL classes that helped her build self-confidence and opened doors to other opportunities. While in PCEP, Lucy volunteered to teach financial literacy classes, which she continued to lead even after she graduated from the program. Around this time, she also began feeling restless, wanting to do more. Eventually, she found inspiration in the final financial literacy lesson about purchasing a house. Wanting to help others achieve their dreams of homeownership, she obtained her realtor license in 2017 and is now a successful real estate agent.

Lucy considers herself a different person today, and with the knowledge and tools she gained from PCEP, she has also helped her children shine. She is immensely proud of their accomplishments, how outgoing and social they are, and where they are headed. Her daughter is currently in college, pursuing a degree in criminology. Darrin Jr, who was only four months old when he attended PCEP, is now 15. Soon to be a sophomore in high school, he is active in basketball and track. While he dreams of one day distinguishing himself as a professional basketball player, he’s also interested in possibly pursuing physical or sports therapy. Already looking ahead, he is thriving academically and paving his way to future success.

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