The Gomez Family

Lisa Gomez

Lisa Gomez’s journey with AVANCE began when a representative stopped by her apartment with flyers for PCEP. She wanted to learn how to better parent her children, so she signed up without much convincing. Although eager to learn, Lisa didn’t know much about the program and was very anxious when classes began. But as she engaged more, she felt more at ease.

In PCEP, Lisa loved seeing her sons, Jesse and Elijah, interact with other children. She also enjoyed socializing and making friends of her own with the other mothers, several of whom she keeps in touch with, exchanging updates and photos of their children. Through PCEP, Lisa learned how to improve her parenting skills and be a role model for her children as their first teacher. She began making conscious efforts to ensure that whatever she did or said would guide her children on the right path.

At the PCEP graduation, Lisa was in the audience with her family when the 2013 Parent of the Year award was presented. Her family joked that she would win, but when her name was actually announced, she was stunned. Lisa still remembers her shock and nervousness as she walked to the stage to accept the award. She proudly displays the award at home, reminding her children how dedicated she is to them and to ensuring they have bright futures.

Using what she learned, Lisa has helped her children grow and thrive. Jesse, now in eighth grade, has excelled academically for the past two years, and the upcoming school year will mark his third being in advanced classes. Next year he hopes to align his interest in sports and music with his studies, wanting to play football and continue playing percussion in the band. Already looking ahead, Jesse wants to serve his country by enlisting in the US Navy after graduation. Lisa’s son Elijah will be in the eighth grade next year. Like Jesse, Elijah is enrolled in advanced classes and is studying Spanish. He is also interested in art and exploring his creativity. While Elijah plans to go to college, he is open to all possibilities his future may hold.

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