The Galeano-Duarte Family

The Galeano-Duarte Family

When Dulce and Luis Galeano-Duarte first learned of AVANCE in 2015, they struggled financially to provide for their young family. At the time, they were looking for a school for the youngest of their three children, Ramses.

Dulce enrolled Ramses in the AVANCE Early Head Start program, and it wasn’t long before she noticed an improvement. One day during a parent meeting, Dulce and Luis received information about PCEP and having already seen the impact of AVANCE programming, the couple immediately signed up. Through PCEP, Dulce and Luis better understood the importance of being active in their children’s lives and gained tools to become better parents. In addition to becoming a strong advocate for AVANCE, Dulce continues to be involved at her children’s school and participates in the school’s Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).

Following PCEP, Dulce and Luis began to see their family as a team and themselves as role models for their children. Wanting to set a positive example for her children, Dulce enrolled in the AVANCE Adult Education Program and graduated with her GED, paving the way for further education. Meanwhile, Luis participated in the Fatherhood program, which supported his growth and development as a young father and husband.

Together, Dulce and Luis set and began to work toward family goals. Empowered by everything they learned, the couple opened their own business, Galeano Hood Services, which installs industrial vent hoods for commercial kitchens and restaurants. Today, the family and the family business are thriving. Dulce is taking the next step in advancing her career. She recently received an AVANCE scholarship, allowing her to pursue a General Business Associate’s Degree from the University of St. Thomas. She plans to study business administration and accounting to improve her ability to run the family business.

“AVANCE not only helped us become the best parents we could be and provided us with the knowledge to become business owners, but they also changed our lives,” Dulce said. “At some point, those were just far away goals and aspirations. Today, they have become a reality.”

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