Child Care Business Coaching

Child Care Business Coaching

Our free Business Coaching program is a valuable next step in helping your business recover from the pandemic or other challenges. Together, you and your highly qualified coach can work toward improving your daily operations with strategies to increase revenue, decrease costs, and mitigate future risks. Your coach can also help you plan the most effective uses of the Texas Child Care relief funds once received, prepare for possible monitoring, and get ready to apply for future grant funding opportunities.

Family Child Care Providers who participate in AVANCE business coaching:

Meet with a coach virtually, once or twice a month, at a time that fits the Provider’s schedule.

Are able to receive coaching services in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, or their preferred language.

Learn strategies for increasing enrollment, record keeping and budgeting, increasing tuition rates, and collecting payments.

Have access to Professional Development hours at the completion of their coaching journey.


Nearly 500 Family Child Care Providers served in 8 months

More than 5,000 Coaching Calls, so far.

$3.45 billion total available funds for direct relief to child care programs across Texas.

65% of the over 4,000 Family Child Care Providers in Texas have accessed the CCRF

$31,431 average CCRF award for Licensed Child Care Homes as of May 2022

$28,700 average CCRF award for Registered Child Care Homes as of May 2022


“Participating in the business coaching program helped me bring my home child care to a full capacity with a waiting list. I gained so much knowledge and the confidence I needed to get me out there marketing for myself.  I advise everyone to participate in this program to gain wonderful tools and knowledge.”

Mz. Dezy

In-home Child Care Provider

“I feel better equipped to manage my business since participating with AVANCE. AVANCE has helped me in every aspect of my business including the budget, how to use technology, how to pay myself, and how to increase enrollment. I learned more over the course of 10 sessions than any training I’ve completed in 20 years. I would encourage all Child Care Providers to give themselves the time and opportunity to benefit from AVANCE and the Business Coaching program. They will not regret it!”

Lourdes Onofre

In-home Child Care Provider

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AVANCE Business Coaching is currently available to Family Child Care Providers across the state of Texas. For more information, you can also contact Jocelynn Bryant by email at or by calling 915-282-7649. Or register for FREE Business Coaching at .