Luzelma Canales

Luzelma CanalesChair, AVANCE National Board of Directors Dr. Luzelma Canales is the Chief of Staff at the Branch Alliance for Educator Diversity (BranchED). Her previous roles at BranchED include Vice President for Community Engagement and Partnerships and Associate Vice President of Leadership Learning and Activation. Prior to BranchED, she served as the Senior Associate Vice … Read more

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Jorge Padilla

Jorge PadillaMember, AVANCE National Board of Directors Jorge Padilla is a partner in the trial section of Jackson Walker LLP. He has extensive experience litigating business disputes for a variety of clients. Although his practice is focused in Austin, Texas, Jorge has advocated for his clients in state and federal courts throughout Texas. He has … Read more

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Dolores Cavazos Hernandez

Dolores Cavazos HernandezParent Representative, AVANCE National Board of Directors Mrs. Dolores Cavazos Hernandez is a mother of ten (10) biological children and grandmother to eight (8) children. She is 46 years old, self-employed, a traditional healer by profession, and a 19-year survivor of uterine cancer. Dolores has actively participated in the AVANCE Early Head Start … Read more