Quality Child Care Matters (QCCM)


The AVANCE Quality Child Care Matters (QCCM) program, formerly known as the Family, Friend, and Neighbor (FFN) program, was first developed in 2000 to address the needs of AVANCE parents who participated in our Parent-Child Education Program (PCEP). Through PCEP our parents: increase self-confidence; learn that they’re more capable than they initially think; develop a support network; and are exposed to new opportunities and resources. It is not surprising that at the end of the program, our parents’ number one response is “what’s next.” Parents graduate PCEP prepared to further their education, enter/re-enter the workforce, or open their own business. Too often, the challenge is finding affordable, quality childcare for their infant and/or toddler. What tends to naturally occur is that some graduates offer to take care of the children of other parents who set out to pursue their education and enter/re-enter the workforce, thus creating home-based child care. While the parent childcare providers have the foundation of early childhood development from our PCEP, they do not necessarily have the business and/or licensing experience to operate a child care center out of their homes. This is why we created QCCM, to support and guide family/ home-based child care providers to increase the quality of care for the children in their communities and to honor parent choice by ensuring parents have the opportunity to utilize family child care without having to sacrifice quality.


Implementation & Impact

The AVANCE QCCM program includes a combination of strategies: training and professional development; mentoring and coaching; and regular cohort meetings that facilitate peer support and the sharing of best practices within and across cohorts of providers. The program addresses the following topics:

  • Child care Licensing: Background Checks, Annual Training Requirements, Supervision, Emergency Preparedness, Health and Safety
  • Business Leadership and Sustainability: Budgeting, Marketing, Policies and Procedures
  • Early Childhood Development and Teacher-Child Interactions
  • Curriculum, Lesson Planning, and Learning Environments
  • Applying for the local quality rating system

The QCCM program can be delivered in-person or online, and the resources are available in English and Spanish. The in-person delivery model includes nine monthly sessions that are five to seven hours each depending on the session topics and provider needs. The program was adapted for virtual delivery with three-hour-long bi-weekly remote learning sessions provided over nine months. Sessions can also be delivered based on participant needs (informal providers vs. licensed providers), and the structure is flexible to accommodate scheduling needs.


The most recent implementation of QCCM in Hidalgo, Texas, reached the following outcomes:

  • 67% increase in provider confidence in passing the Texas Rising Star certification immediately after graduation
  • 20% of QCCM graduates became Texas Rising Star certified within 6 months of graduation
  • 49% increase in school readiness among children in the care of the providers that graduated


The AVANCE QCCM program is focused on supporting and guiding family child care providers, most of whom are women. Investing in women and advocating for programs and policies that impact women’s employment and earnings is vital to our economy. The economic impact of QCCM on women is twofold: 1) Supporting family child care providers, mostly women of color, to increase the quality of child care will increase the providers’ earnings and grow the economy, and, 2) Supporting the family child care workforce to keep their doors open, increases access to child care for mothers who work and go to school, thereby improving family economic opportunity and security.


Get Involved!

The AVANCE QCCM program is currently offered in the locations below. If you would like to enroll or learn more, please contact the location nearest you.

  • Coastal Bend Region (Corpus Christi): Jeannette Hernandez at 682-319-6557 or jhernandez@avance.org
  • Travis County: Claudia Zapata at 512-502-2264 or czapata@avance.org
  • Borderplex Region (El Paso): Celeste Martinez at 915-801-2375 or cmartinez@avance.org

If you’re interested in bringing the QCCM program to your community through a partnership with AVANCE, please contact us at (210) 270-4630 to learn more about our licensing options.