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Why License the AVANCE QCCM Program?


US residents live in child care deserts


young children in child care are cared for by a relative or in a home-based setting


family child care homes in Texas are QRIS-certified

Family child care is essential for families and communities, and providers should be able to ensure children are receiving high-quality care. But too often, family child care providers do not have access to the resources provided by state agencies to help them improve their level of care.


Licensing the QCCM program allows you to increase the quality of child care in your community by providing support to local family child care providers. Along with mentoring, coaching, and a supportive community, here’s what you can expect from QCCM training and professional development for family child care providers.


QCCM Modules

The QCCM training and professional development includes six modules structured around specific themes and common topics, including:

Technology Orientation

Business Development

Safety Focus

Childhood Development

Curriculum Planning

Community Relationships

All QCCM modules consist of comprehensive training and learning sessions that can be tailored to meet the requirements of any state’s Quality Rating and Improvement System. Modules are conducted by trained staff through in-person meetings, Zoom meetings, or a hybrid version of both. Session materials are available in both English and Spanish. In total, the QCCM modules provide 40 hours of training and professional development. All curriculum material is available through an on-demand content management system.

AVANCE Support for Partners

Partnering with AVANCE to bring the QCCM Program to your community means that you’ll have support every step of the way.

Comprehensive Training-of-Trainers (ToT) Model

Recruitment Support Available

Ongoing Coaching and Technical Assistance

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation Support


AVANCE has positively impacted my personal and professional life. It has been motivating for my career in child care. The training in different areas of finance and child development has complemented and increased my knowledge and thus helped me to help other child care providers. I have no hesitation in recommending AVANCE to people who wish to prepare and receive training in child care.

-Gladys Queipo de Penso

Ready to Bring QCCM to Your Community?

With a proven framework, the AVANCE QCCM Program equips providers with the tools and resources to establish and sustain high-quality family child care businesses. Partner with AVANCE to transform the landscape of family child care in your community. 


Contact us today to learn how you can license the AVANCE QCCM Program and leverage our expertise, resources, and support to create a lasting impact on local child care for generations to come.

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