Gudelia Reyes

Gudelia Reyes

Gudelia was introduced to AVANCE in 2006 when representatives knocked on her door with information about PCEP. At the time, her daughter Melanie was very young, and as a first-time mother, Gudelia felt disoriented and doubted her parenting skills. Gudelia enrolled in PCEP, knowing she needed support to learn how to care for her child’s everyday basic needs.

Through PCEP, Gudelia learned how to improve her parenting skills and the importance of early childhood education and being actively engaged in her children’s lives. Since Melanie first enrolled in school, Gudelia has been actively involved, volunteering at the school and attending events and activities. Melanie’s early childhood classes during PCEP supported her cognitive and emotional development and laid the gr oundwork that Gudelia built on t o set her on the right path.

Years later, Gudelia continued to apply what she had learned, like stimulating her children’s development when they were in the womb. After the birth of her son Jeremy and her second daughter Lynda, Gudelia returned to AVANCE to attend PCEP again, wanting to provide her youngest children with the same foundation Melanie received. After completing PCEP a second time, Gudelia attended the AVANCE Leadership Academy, which built on PCEP to help Gudelia strengthen her confidence, learn about opportunities and her rights, and find her voice as an advocate for her community.

Gudelia’s children have also thrived thanks to their participation in PCEP and their mother’s ongoing support. Melanie has excelled academically and grew up passionate about reading and the arts, playing the violin, and participating in art competitions. Now 18, Melanie is getting ready to attend college to study biology in preparation for a career as a doctor. Jeremy is nine and in the fourth grade. He has always loved math and already aspires to be a veterinarian. Lynda, at 8, loves reading and drawing and hopes to be an accomplished artist one day.

Reflecting on her experience, Gudelia says the lessons she learned through AVANCE changed her life. They helped prepare her to support her children on their journeys and guide her family toward a brighter future.