Junta Directiva

Nuestra Junta Directiva

The AVANCE Inc. Board of Directors comprises leaders with diverse backgrounds and expertise who are mission-driven and passionate about our work. Our Board is both Latina led and majority Latina/o, reflecting our commitment to proximate leadership and the families and
communities we serve.

Lissette Rodriguez


Manuel Berrelez


Dr. Claudia Kramer Santamaria


Dr. Luzelma Canales

Miembro General

Dr. Robert H. McCallister


Ron Oran


Maria del Rosario Garza

Representante de Padres de Familia

Diana Cavazos

Representante de Padres de Familia

Lydia Aleman

Dr. Cathy Ayoub

Kelly Cutler

Greg Flores

Hilda C. Galvan

Dr. Melanie Johnson

Dr. Daniel King

Marlo Michaeli

Ryan Ramirez

Sofia Ramón