Be a champion of a family’s future

We Aim to Enhance Parenting Skills and Parent-child Interactions

At the heart of AVANCE's mission is to help hard-to-reach underserved and under-resourced families. We aim to enhance parenting skills and parent-child interactions that create opportunities and positive change for lifelong success.

Since 1973, AVANCE has leveraged your generous support to transform lives. We measure our impact by the achievements of our parents and children. See the long-lasting impact AVANCE has made throughout the nation, primarily in Texas.

Participants Served Annually
Prepared to Enter School
Passed 3rd Grade Reading and Math
Student Attendance
Increase in Parent Employment

Evidence and Research

Over the years AVANCE has undertaken many studies of its impact. That research and evidence spans the entire two generation view of outcomes:

  1. Outcomes of a randomized control trial: Increased and improved parenting skills for parents having enrolled in PCEP program. Download report 1. Download report 2.
  2. Outcomes of a quasi experimental study: Better grade school attendance and better third grade reading scores (avoiding ‘third grade fade’). Download report.
  3. Outcomes of the Intercultural Development Research Association (IDRA) research: Better parenting skills and increased family income and homeownership levels. Download report.
  4. Outcomes of NIEER phase 1 study: Better parenting skills as a result of PCEP attendance. Download report.

In addition to the outcomes research above, AVANCE annually measures its impact at the Chapter level, often sharing information with school district partners. AVANCE also uses an outside party to annually evaluate its program effectiveness. Please see the Chapter websites for more localized impact data.