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Resources for Parents & Educators

AVANCE facilitates resources developed for parents and educators. We believe that with access to proper resources, children will excel in many areas in and out of the classroom.

Parent Resources

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Educator Resources

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WGBH - Peep Family Science

PEEP Family Science was designed for parents and their children, especially those served by home visiting programs. It comes in free, easy-to-use apps, in English and Spanish, that make it fun for families to do science together at home. Featuring characters children love, the apps combine animated stories from the public TV show PEEP and the Big Wide World with playful, hands-on science activities.


Sesame Street Workshop

Sesame workshop is the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street.  Our mission is to help kids grow smarter, stronger, and kinder.  We do so in more than 150 countries.



Vroom videos kick off conversations by showcasing parents and caregivers engaging in brain building activities with children. Share them in community spaces, insert into presentations, add links to emails/newsletters, or play at events.


Resources for Families

  1. Talking to kids about Coronavirus:
  1. Routines for families:
  1. PBS Daily Activities for Families - Sign up for Daily Newsletter with daily activities:
  1. Play activities for 12-24 months:
  1. Vroom by Text provides tips and tools to inspire families via text:
  1. PBS Kids Games, Videos, Activities:
  1. PEEP Anywhere Activities:
  1. Sesame Street:
  1. Khan Academy Resources:
  1. National Geographic for Kids:
  1. Seuss activities for kids:
  1. Highlights Kids – Read, Play Games, and Conduct Science Experiments:

Digital Library for Kids Ages 12 and under: