Celebrating PCEP Graduates of 2019

family graduation

Families smile for photos at the AVANCE-Austin 2019 PCEP Graduation

This May, AVANCE graduated over 900 families from its signature Parent-Child Education Program (PCEP). We are incredibly proud of the families and children who spent nine months with our AVANCE educators, completing the 27-lesson PCEP. The parents and caregivers developed skills through parent education classes, home visitations, toy-making classes, and interactive parent-child literacy activities. They also created connections with other parents and community members through our community resource speakers. In addition to benefiting from their parents’ learnings, the young children in AVANCE participated in early childhood development activities in a stimulating and nurturing environment facilitated by trained AVANCE staff.

Completing PCEP is a huge accomplishment for our families. It takes dedication and commitment to attend 27 sessions and actively engage in the learnings at home. To celebrate this family achievement, each AVANCE Chapter and Regional Office holds its own graduation ceremony, complete with a keynote speaker and a performance by the children of graduating participants. For photos from each of these very special celebrations and other AVANCE events, please follow the links below to our Chapters’ social media.

We’re also thrilled to announce that AVANCE has added a new feature to our classic PCEP for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. Beginning this Fall, participants will receive a Parent Workbook that will help them follow along with each lesson. The Parent Workbook includes lesson overviews, key terms and concepts, questions for guided notetaking, and links to helpful resources. The workbook, available in English and Spanish, is designed to be a tool to help participants learn how to organize information and a resource that they can return to after graduation. To learn more about PCEP, click here.