Greater Impact and Growth through Promising Ventures Fellowship

Talk of West Coast accelerator programs doesn’t generally conjure thoughts of 45-year-old non-profits. But AVANCE Inc. is ready to show that even established organizations can embrace and advance innovation in Early Childhood Development (ECD). AVANCE was recently selected to take part in the inaugural cohort of the Promising Ventures Fellowship, an accelerator program centered on the social impact and growth goals of those seeking to effect change within ECD for young children and their families.

This summer, the AVANCE National team will work with Promise Venture Studio and Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child to build a business model for scaling AVANCE programming. In addition to assistance with achieving impact and growth goals, the accelerator also offers opportunities for leadership development and networking with other ECD-related organizations and professionals. AVANCE will work with the Promise team to build on the current work being done to improve the quality of early childhood learning opportunities in Family Child Care Homes. The Fellowship is designed to accelerate the progress AVANCE hopes to make in refining and scaling its Family, Friends, & Neighbors (FFN) Program, a 10-week course for home-based child care providers that combines workforce development coaching with early childhood development training.

A recently awarded grant from the Meadows Foundation will allow AVANCE to pilot the FFN program initially in the Rio Grande Valley. The work accomplished through the Promising Ventures Fellowship supports plans to expand the reach and impact of this innovative and much-needed AVANCE program.

The FFN Program is one of many approaches that AVANCE takes to ensure that young children and their families have the resources they need to reach their full potential. For more information about our two-generation approach, please visit our programs page here.


About Promise Venture Studio

Promise is a nonprofit venture studio that attracts, supports and connects social entrepreneurs focused on early childhood development (ECD). We support nonprofit and for-profit ventures and organizations at any stage of development that reach (directly or indirectly) children, prenatal to age 5 in the U.S., and their families and communities who are facing the greatest adversities.