AVANCE, Inc. Celebrates 45 Years of Helping Families Succeed

AVANCE, Inc. Celebrates 45 Years of Helping Families Succeed

San Antonio, TX (September 14, 2018) – Today marks the anniversary of the 1973 founding of AVANCE, Inc., and the organization is celebrating 45 years of transforming lives in high-risk communities across the country.

Back in 1973, Dr. Gloria Rodriguez, a former teacher, had an idea for a program she believed would help low-income families better prepare their children for school. Her persistence and dedication found the program its first home at the Mirasol Housing Projects in San Antonio. An immediate success, the program earned AVANCE, Inc. broad recognition as a pioneer in two-generation programming, or serving parents and children simultaneously so the whole family can succeed together. That ongoing success even garnered visits from a wide range of public figures, from Prince Charles of Wales to Oprah Winfrey.

AVANCE, Inc. remains a leader in two-generation programs, and although the organization has grown over the past 45 years into what is today a staff of 900 dedicated, compassionate employees serving more than 7,000 families each year in Texas and California, the belief in each individual’s dignity and potential for success remains the same.


For more information about AVANCE, visit www.avance.org.