PCEP Staffing Details

AVANCE is available to discuss staffing options with prospective providers. Primary functions required to deliver the AVANCE Parent-Child Education Program include the following:

Parent Educator – Teach the parenting class and schedule community resources speakers and activities; Serve as lead advocate for the parents

Toy-Making Instructor – Teach the toy-making class

Home Educator – Conduct monthly home visits

Early Childhood Educator – Instruct and care for children from birth to age three

Children’s Services Coordinator –  Supervise services to children; this position is not required but is recommended when caseloads exceed 50 families.

Program Coordinator –  Supervise staff and manage the program; this position is not required but is recommended when serving a large number of families or when serving multiple sites.


  • AVANCE Headquarters
    118 North Medina Street
    San Antonio, Texas 78207

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