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pic020Since its inception in 1973, AVANCE has transformed the lives of thousands of families. The organization has evolved and strengthened its operations, which has attracted millions of dollars from diversified funding streams. The credibility of the AVANCE model is measured by decades of implementation and the significant number of communities impacted through program participation. While AVANCE has historically worked with predominantly low-income, Latino communities, preliminary research from Rutgers’ National Institute of Early Education Research (NIEER) confirms that AVANCE’s signature Parent-Child Education Program (PCEP) is adaptable in other cultures and ethnic communities. AVANCE continues to embrace a commitment towards achieving a notably greater level of scale and impact to serve more families and children across the United States.

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AVANCE_CA_Petaluma_parentThen, learn more about how to administer AVANCE’s Parent-Child Education Program to families in your community, please contact our Senior Director of Business Development Elida Gonzales at 210- 230-9673 or

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