Toy Making Classes

Children learn through play and toys are the child’s primary tools for learning. For many children, toys are a luxury their parents cannot afford to provide. Toy making for one’s child brings to a conscious level the need to spend more time with their child. AVANCE_CA_Petaluma_parent

While making each toy, parents are taught the many learning opportunities and basic concepts that each toy can teach. The message that “my mom cares so much for me that she is taking time and working hard at making a toy just for me” instills a feeling of self-worth, pride and special bonding between parent and child. Secondly, it structures times for the child to play and for the parent to assume the different roles of a teacher—a designer of learning environments and a consultant of resources to stimulate learning. The child’s self-confidence and self-concept is bolstered with every positive encounter occurring during play. Toy making sets the stage for the parent and child to begin communicating and interacting in healthy, positive ways.

Parents also benefits personally from AVANCE’s Toy Making Hour, such as:

  • forming support systems with each other as they informally interact with their classmates
  • developing a sense of pride and accomplishment, for many, this is a first time experience
  • discovering unknown talents and skills •learning the skills to teach their children: using paints, coloring, tracing, cutting, pasting, outlining, measuring, etc.
  • realizing the endless possibilities for using scraps, discards, and inexpensive materials for making attractive and useful toys
  • acquiring teaching skills that can be used in everyday life and home activities, such as labeling, actions of cooking, washing, and mopping.

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