17 Year Reunion Survey

In 1991, AVANCE held a 17 year reunion of its first graduating class.  Of the 31 women who graduated that first year, 23 were located and gathered together for a ceremony.  Those 23 women were joined in their attendance to the AVANCE program by 32 children.  The following educational information was compiled for these 23 women and their children.

In 1973, 91% of the mothers had dropped out of school.  As can be seen, the program served as a catalyst for these families to continue their education.

In 1991:

  • 94% of children who attended AVANCE had either completed High School, received their GED or were still attending High School
  • 43% of children who graduated were attending college
  • 57% of mothers who had dropped out, returned to complete their GED
  • 64% of mothers who completed High School or GED had attended College or a Technical Program
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    118 North Medina Street
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